PolderAffiliates is slightly different to other casino affiliate programs when it comes to sharing revenue. Apart from the fact that the localised casino PolderCasino has a high conversion within the Dutch gaming market we have decided to compliment this with a standard 40% revenue share for everyone! There is NO discussion if you are a large or small affiliate, you will always get 40% revenue share

Payment terms

PolderAffiliates aims to pay all affiliates by the 10th of each month which means that for example if you have revenue from January we aim to pay these by the 10th of February.


We charge 20% costs which is deducted from the net revenue and at the same time if one of your players wins we shall only deduct 85% of the winnings from the net revenue.

Zero negative carry over

PolderAffiliates has a standard rule of not having a negative carryover. Because of our highly trained staff and marketing team we are sure we can keep customers happy and playing. The only exception for the negative carryover will be made if the negative net revenue is over 5,000 Euro at the end of the month. If this will be the case, we shall in collaboration with the affiliate find a solution that we ‘ring fence’ the player(s) involved.

Important: Any player winning a jackpot will NOT be included in the commission as all jackpot contributions are calculates during the regular game play of a customer.

Cost per acquisition

Polder Affiliates offers all affiliates a way to make money and this also includes CPA deals. The table below shows the standard plan which is available:

CPA commissions:

1 - 25 customers per month: 150.00 EUR

26 - 50 customers per month: 250.00 EUR

51 - 100 customers per month: negotiation

Any affiliate wishing to work on a CPA base must contact their affiliate manager for approval before starting.